It's a Baby Shower (Part 2)

10:57 PM

It's day two of my month long baby series and we've got another set of prizes, games, and fabulous baby products.

sleepywrap-logoSleepy Wrap: For the first 6 months of my baby's lives, they are "attached" to me. We breastfeed and co-sleep. I wear my babies until they start becoming mobile. It's part of the attachment process and I feel like it helps secure our bond. Babywearing has a number of benefits for both mom and baby (maybe I'll write a post one day). I much prefer to cozily wrap my babies and keep them warm and secure. There are a TON of wraps, slings, carriers, etc. on the market. Choosing one can be overwhelming. Sleepy Wrap is a versatile wrap that can be worn several different ways, for several different stages of your child's early life. Once you master the art of tying it, you'll love it!

mutsy_logoMutsy Grow-Up: I consider myself to be rather trendy and in-the-know about the latest in products and companies. Both my husband and I like modern designs. So having Mutsy's Grow-Up chair in our home fits right in with our decor style. No need for a high chair since you can fasten this chair safely to a regular chair (handy and definitely a space saver). And you child will get many years of use out of it since it's appropriate for children up to the age of 4. The bright colors are perfect for stimulating babies and tots!

aa_logoAden and Anais: The company's muslin swaddle wraps are my absolute fav. They keep baby warm and cozy without overheating him/her. They're super soft and bigger than average swaddle blankets, making it less likely that a baby will unwrap him/herself. Plus, they come in stylish modern prints for boys and girls. Once your baby no longer wants to be swaddled, you can use their sleeping bags which are made from the same cotton muslin you'll find in their wraps. They are also designed to reduce the incidence of SIDS.

pedipedlogoPediped: The BEST thing for babies and toddlers who are learning to walk is to go barefoot. However, that is a concept that is impractical for most families. I would much prefer to have shoes protecting my baby's feet. Flexibility, support, and comfort are the most important things to look for in a shoe. Pediped offers all three at highly affordable prices. And, their shoes are adorable! The company offers three collections: Originals, Flex, and Couture.

smartsknitSmartKnitKIDS: And while we're on the subject of feet, I'll introduce you to a company who makes seamless socks to offer your child the most comfortable fit. How many times have you taken off your child's socks only to see their soft skin imprinted with sock seams? SmartKnitKIDS offers 100% seamless socks and a form-fitting design so there are no lumps or bumps. They truly offer a perfectly comfortable fit.

Are you ready for another game?


I'm almost 35 weeks and I finally have a picture of my pregnant belly (covered of course!). I've taken the liberty of measuring my belly with toilet paper squares (apparently that is what you do when you're 8 1/2 months pregnant). So, your job is to guess how many squares it will take to go around the largest part of my belly (the center). Easy right? Remember...leave your answer in the comment section along with your prize choices (in order of preference).

Prizes for Game #2:

$25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

Weil Baby Gift Set

Classic Sleepy Wrap

For more fabulous maternity and baby shower gift ideas, please visit the baby shower site.

Entries for this giveaway will close on December 17, 2009 at 10 PM PST. Please note that entries for all baby shower giveaways are different than my normal entry methods. One comment per person, please (unless you do the extra credit). US residents only. Duplicates and comments not including the above information will be disqualified. Comments are moderated. If you don’t see your comment in a reasonable amount of time, send me an email. Bloggers and non-bloggers may enter. If you don’t want to leave your email address, please be sure to check back for my announcement on the winner. Please note that winners must respond within 48 hours of being announced/contacted or another winner will be drawn.

Want an extra entry? Do any or all of the following and receive an extra entry for each one.

Be sure to leave me a separate comment for each additional entry.


Add the “Baby Shower” button to your sidebar and leave me a comment (be sure it's up for the duration of the baby shower!)

Follow me on Twitter AND tweet about the contest. Be sure to use the hashtag #rockinbabyshower

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Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this review. I did receive a product, courtesy of the company in order to facilitate my review.

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  1. sweetpea08 said...

    My guess 14 squares! Congrats on your baby!

  2. sweetpea08 said...

    I have your button!

  3. sweetpea08 said...

    I follow you on Twitter and Tweeted!

  4. Stacie said...


  5. Heather M said...

    18 squares! She's on her way!!!!

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  6. Heather M said...

    BS Button on my blog

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  7. Over Thirty Mommy said...

    I say 10 squares!

    1. Weil Baby Gift Set

    2. Classic Sleepy Wrap

    3. $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

  8. mogrill said...

    I'm gonna say 12 squares. Thanks for the chance.

  9. The Jacobsen Family! said...
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  10. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    I will guess 15 squares!

    Sleepy Wrap
    Weil Baby
    Happy Panda Baby

    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  11. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    Shower Button up on left sidebar

  12. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    Email subscriber
    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  13. Anonymous said...

    14 1/2 squares :)

  14. lace said...

    My guess is 13 1/2 squares.

    Sleepy wrap
    weil baby
    happy panda

  15. mogrill said...

    I say 13 squares. Thanks for the chance.

  16. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  17. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

    I tweeted:

  18. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

    I am going to guess at 15 and my choices in order would be:

    1. Classic Sleepy Wrap

    2. Weil Baby Gift Set

    3. $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

  19. collyn23 said...

    I say 11 squares

    weil baby
    sleepy wrap
    happy panda

  20. collyn23 said...

    i subscribe

  21. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

    My Daily Tweet:

  22. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

    Daily Tweet:

  23. Marlena U. said...

    I'm going to guess lucky #11 for the number of squares! :)

    My choices -
    1. Weil Baby set
    2. Sleepy wrap
    3. Happy Panda GC

  24. Marlena U. said...


  25. Justine M. said...

    15 squares

    1. Classic Sleepy Wrap
    2. $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby
    3. Weil Baby Gift Set


  26. Justine M. said...

    following on twitter and tweet


  27. Justine M. said...

    subscribing via google reader


  28. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  29. Amani S. said...

    OK we are about the same number of weeks I think I'm larger than you so I am going to guess 12 squares.

    1. Classic Sleepy Wrap

    2. Weil Baby Gift Set

    3. $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

  30. Terri said...

    Congratulations!!! Hmmm...never heard of the toilet paper thing but it sounds fun. I'm guessing 12 squares

  31. Terri said...


  32. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  33. Linda said...

    I'm guessing 10 squares!
    1. Classic Sleepy Wrap
    2. Weil Baby Gift Set
    3. 25 CG to Happy Panda Baby

  34. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  35. queenoftheclick said...

    I'm guessing 13 squares! Cute contest :)

    1. Weil Baby Gift Set
    2. 25 CG to Happy Panda Baby
    3. Classic Sleepy Wrap

  36. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  37. hollowsins said...

    I would say 16..congrats on the baby!!

    I would chose
    1. Panda Baby
    2.Weil Baby
    3.Sleepy Wrap

  38. hollowsins said...

    I have your button

  39. hollowsins said...

    Im a feed subscriber

  40. hollowsins said...

    I faved you on technorati

  41. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  42. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

    Fav you on technorati.

    Got this message below:

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  43. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  44. familytiesandgrowingpains said...

    i say 22 squares.

    1- Classic Sleepy Wrap
    2- $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby
    3- Weil Baby Gift Set

  45. familytiesandgrowingpains said...

    i added the babyshower button on my blog

  46. familytiesandgrowingpains said...

    i subscribe via email

  47. Proud Poppa said...

    Such a loaded question with the squares! Any guy would get in trouble for answering too many. Cute contest though.

    I'm going to go with 21 squares.

  48. Proud Poppa said...

    Following on Twitter and tweeted.

  49. Proud Poppa said...

    forgot to put the order of the prizes.

    Happy Panda
    Classic Sleepy Wrap
    Weil Baby

  50. The Fam said...

    Congratulations! My guess is 15 squares. All of these are great prizes, I'd love:
    the Sleepy Wrap
    Aden and Anais
    Mutsy Seat
    SmartKnit Kids
    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  51. My Bambino said...

    My guess is 15 squares.Thanks for giving this chance.

  52. Sarah said...

    I guess 17 squares!

    $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby
    Classic Sleepy Wrap
    Weil Baby Gift Set

  53. Sarah said...

    I subscribe to your blog by email!

  54. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  55. Anonymous said...

    I would guess 15 squares. Congrats!!

  56. Aisling said...

    My guess is 13 squares and my prize choice would be:

    1) Classic Sleepy Wrap

    2) $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

    3) Weil Baby Gift Set

  57. Hobo Mama said...

    I'll say 14.

    And I'd love the Classic Sleepy Wrap for some babywearing love!

    mail AT

  58. Hobo Mama said...

    I have your baby shower button.

    mail AT

  59. Hobo Mama said...

    I subscribe via reader.

    mail AT

  60. Anonymous said...

    I guess 21 squares.

    1. sleepy wrap
    2. Aden and Anais
    3. Mutsy Grow Up

    daniellawolff07 at gmail dot com

  61. Hobo Mama said...

    I Stumbled your post (lintpicker).

    mail AT

  62. Anonymous said...

    I would guess 15 squares?

    1. classic sleepy wrap
    2. $25
    3. weill babbyy

  63. SCMOMOF2BOYS said...

  64. skytoucher said...

    I'd say a baker's dozen -- 13.

  65. giggling kids said...

    My choices would be
    $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

    Weil Baby Gift Set

    Classic Sleepy Wrap

  66. Anonymous said...

    I'm going to guess 13 squares (because I'm 23 weeks, and am 9 squares. :-))
    I would love the Sleepy Wrap!

    clctaube @

  67. Anonymous said...

    Twitter follower (clctaube) and tweet:

    clctaube @

  68. Anonymous said...

    Subscribed via Google feed.

    clctaube @

  69. Gianna said...

    Aww, you're looking beautiful! I wish I would have measured my full term twin belly with tp to see how enormous it was LOL.

    I'm going to guess 11 squares.

  70. Nicole said...

    lol I had Hubby measure mine I am 32-33 weeks and I am 13 squares!! lol

    So I am going to say 13! lol

    1. Weil Baby Gift Set

    2. Classic Sleepy Wrap

    3. $25 Gift Certificate to Happy Panda Baby

    Thanks for the Chance
    Nicole and Stevie

  71. My Bambino said...

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!